So, um, how was your week?
Derek Davison
The Discontents Podcast Vol. 1Listen now (70 min) | Noticing a conspicuous dearth of them in the market, we here at Discontents have decided to start a podcast. The idea is to have …
Rob Rousseau, Luke O'Neil, Derek Davison, and Patrick Wyman
Space Force has Guardians now, the pandemic ate the year, and we will be back in January.
Kelsey D. Atherton
Aside from our own that is
Luke O'Neil
The Discontents team is here to talk about the state of Online in general and Substack in particular.
Derek Davison
Things could be a lot worse!
Patrick Wyman
Thanksgiving in the Time of COVID and other thoughts.
Derek Davison
I feel thankful for Wuthering Heights
Connor Wroe Southard
I regret to inform you that we live in hell.
Gaby Del Valle
I hope we don't go back to the way things were.
Jack Crosbie
I want to swallow all the days ahead at once
Luke O'Neil
Let's throw some eggs.
Eoin Higgins